Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Absinthe , Galibier with Vincent and green fairies

We ran out of time and had to stop for the night only in lycra on the other side of the Galibier....Beer, sambuca and absinthe did its worst but we made it home the next day via the Telegraphe and Galibier.......Just...

Van Gogh’s beardless self-portrait shows the artist hiding something– namely a nasty, Absinthe-fueled shaving accident. In the year of this portrait, Van Gogh cut off part of his ear amidst a bout of severe depression that would later lead to his suicide. Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Year: 1889
Year of Sale: 1998
Sale Price: $71.5 million
Currency Adjusted: $94.6 million.

Picasso's Absinthe glass   

Diamond Back Absinthe

Albert Jarry...Inventor of pseudoscience and an avid absinthe drinker

I see green Fairies  

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