Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tour Poem.........Oxenfordia

The Oxford Tour Poem……

Cycling around the Oxenfordia as many do,
Workers, students,tourists, commuters,
to college ,shops , cafes and computers,
I guide the visitors with a story to tell,
come rain or shine summer or winter hell.

Starting in the north and travelling south,
at 5 miles an hour no need to shout,alive or dead they are all the same,
people and buildings lend me their game….

The dreaming spires the martyrs fires,
empires fought and lost careers inspires.

Conopius of Baliol grinds his beans,
first coffee in Britain drunk it seems,

Yorke of the head with the Radio did play,
Supergrass performs also, in their day,

Ugly Rumours with Blair singing its head,
Greenes vienna played with a pistol instead,

Wilde walked his crustacean down the High,
before going to Paris to destitutely die,

Deserts of Arabia from the Jesus quad,
Mandelas spirit at the sixties Wad,

Hobbits abound beneath the wonky horse maybe,
slippers behind the bar at the Bird and Baby,

Honoury forepersons stock graze on the Port,
sunny days rowing as wonderland thought,

Bobby Boyle next to the High did air pump invent,
so bike tyres inflate, sore behinds prevent,

Inklings drink as Narnia shown,
many fantasies invented reputations grown,

Jeromes dog three men in a boat,
Badger,Toad and ratty kept afloat,

Smiley created within Lincolns nest,
Morse found clutching his chest,

Jones of the Man left Jesus for the Korner,
Buckham at Brasenose , Hannys thirty niner

Cobbles on Merton shake your frame,
Morris a cyclist makes his cars and fame,

Hardy helped the church, Barnies founded,
Morse solved the crime Jericho surrounded,

Bike shops and coffee some are the same,
busses and cycles trying to refrain,

Zappi italian pro nurtures his team, 
Oxford Blues training to continue their dream,

Huxley from Eton, Banister not beaten,
Golding at Brasenose, flies not eaten

Penicillin in the Radcliffe, Doctor names the Square,
Camera for reading , no public there,

Cycle and cycle, around and around,
from , Walton St Cycles, city bound 
through the streets and alleys you will not be bored,
come with me and be totally toured…….

I thank you...............

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