Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lance Armstrong 1999 Ride for the Roses poster

Bill Cass whom I met whilst I was on my first Alpe D Huez trip during the 2001 Tour 


A unique piece of history. 
This is my personal, (william cass, the illustrator/designer's) framed copy of the 1999 Ride for the Roses poster. 16"X24.5"

This is unique for a few reasons but the most important of which is that I gathered these signatures at Lance's house during 
his pre-ride party. I wanted the signatures of Lance's inner circle so I could remember the moment. I can't say I have the only
 one out there but I did manage to get both Lance and Greg Lemond to sign the same artwork. I think their friendship may have
 lasted another 6 months and we never saw him at the ride again. Other signatures include Linda Armstrong, Miguel Indurain, 
Jim Ochowics, Eric Heiden, Ron Kiefel, Bob Babbit, Bob Roll, Mike Ward (musician and guitarist with the Wallflowers at the time), 
Dylan Casey, and a couple others I can't decipher. Included will be a simple certificate of authenticity. 
It should also be noted that Jim Ochowics bought the sketch for this poster at auction. 

The photo is of Lance and Myself in 2003. I designed the jersey and kit that Lance is wearing. 10 years ago and great memories. This is the only one I have with these signatures. 

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