Monday, 15 October 2012

Stolen...Cyril and the Ghisallo..

Poor Squirrel but Poor Roops who did an Endo and was cut and bruised after Cyril commited suicide.....

Out promoting the Dreaming Spires of Oxford...Showing a client around the Eagle and Child Pub in St Giles at 2.00 pm, can out after less than 15 minutes and my Cannondale had been STOLEN with the Hire bike locked to a cycle stand together..........I've put a curse on it so beware you Boltcropping Bastards..
 Police stolen bike ref:  BK4137751/12

 Not for me at this time...I'll let my curse do its my Cannondale was Blessed by the Vicar at the Ghisallo ...


cool electric bike  HotBike

Next singlespeed...?

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