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 Brazilian charm and stiff upper lip...with Renata Falzoni and Felipe Meireles prior to a  tour...

Today was a great day out with Renata and Felipe we did a tour of Oxford which was filmed on the hoof  by Renata who is a well known cycle activist in Brazil, she has filmed this week in London and spent an afternoon in Oxford

Wiki entry says.....................................!!

Renata Falzoni ( Sao Paulo , September 2 of 1953 ) is a photographer , videorrepórter , reporter and bike cicloativista . Pioneered the use of the recovery cycle in Brazil  and was a founder of the Biker's Night Club in Brazil in the year1989  .

She graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by Mackenzie University in the year 1977 . He joined the photojournalism in 1979  and during the years 1980 Renata worked as a reporter in several photographic Brazilian media. At the end of the 80s became videorrepórter and was one of the pioneers of language in Brazil, specializing in event coverage of adventure .

He joined ESPN Brazil in 1995 as a consultant and videorrepórter . Currently the program presents " Adventures with Renata Falzoni , "which airs on the channels of cable TV ESPN , ESPN Brazil and ESPN HD . On the 10th ofFebruary of 2011 , his program was the first attraction national broadcast in high definition on ESPN HD [5] .
Renata was also a pioneer in media coverage of cycling . In the year 2000 , was invited by Arturo Alcorta bike to be a reporter at Radio Eldorado . The initiative lasted until November of 2001 and was renewed in April of 2008 [6

Besides acting as a photojournalist and videorrepórter , Renata also distinguished himself by defending the bike . In 1996 he ran for the office of councilor for the city of São Paulo and obtained 8,793 votes, not enough for his election.
In the year 1998 , after the promulgation of the new Brazilian Traffic Code cycled for 17 days in Paraty to Brasilia . The initiative has made to the campaign "Brazil Cycling, Cycling is a law" which aimed to give prominence to the fact that the bike was finally recognized as a vehicle for traffic law in Brazil. Renata is currently communications director of the Institute Pedala Brazil  .

On December 7th of 2010 , was honored with the Medal of Anchieta and a Diploma of Gratitude in the Municipality of São Paulo [8] . A recognition by more than 30 years of struggle on behalf of the bicycle, delivered by prominent political advocate of cycling as a means of transport , Chico Macena [9] .
In August 2010 she was honored, along with other sports personalities, during the festival outdoor sports Shimano Fest  .
During the celebrations leading up to the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2007, Renata rode carrying the Olympic torch through the city of Campinas  .

Her report on the Fatal accident killing a cyclist by an Olympic bus.....

and an aggrivated driver held up by a cycle demo...In Brazil

It was one of the biggest outrage I've seen the pictures you put the link in the field of Renata Falzoni then a wild one - that is the son of a bitch- just went through your car by means of a bunch of cyclists who locomoviam the streets of Porto Alegre, trampling human beings as if they were bowling cones. The "excuse" of the criminal in question is that he was being "lynched" by cyclists and then ran away going over everything and everyone (bikes and cyclists), a version that is contradicted by several witnesses to the terrible event. The truth is one, and she was captured by the lenses of members who were filming the "Bicicletada" atitudade was a deliberate attempt to murder the group ofbikers who rode there. By a miracle no one died, was left paralyzed or suffered some kind of serious commotion. If such "monstrorista" was not being lynched before, certainly earned it after lichado be, although we know that the true citizen is one who uses the law, not savagery as a way of living in society and will not use violence to seek justice in this case, even at the risk of seeing this criminal get away with this act or any kind of penalty than the maximum provided for attempted homicide multiplied by the number of cyclists he hit.

Not much else to say this absuuuuuurrrrdo unless use this space to make repudiation general chorus of citizens and cyclists who are positioning themselves against the fact occurred and calling for the arrest of the author of this crime. That's why I always ride my bike, most of the time and to the extent possible, the sidewalk, because you can not trust the "monstroristas" we have in this country where impunity is also a trademark of traffic in large cities.

Click the link below and see the matter Renata Falzoni - a main proponent of cycling in Brazil - about this crime:

The Monstrorista Porto Alegre - For Renata Falzoni

Shes also a friend of Tinker  Juarez and Gazza Fisher........How cool is that...

Thanks to Richard Stanley ( Director ) for the intro and the coffee at Zappis......

Anthony Gormleys Iron man "Voices from Oxford" on the roof of Blackwells erected by Exeter College in line with the Martyrs Cross in Broad St

Another Place......

Not be confused with.....

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