Thursday, 1 March 2012

Whyte 829 Tester

Last week I was give the opportunity to have an extra 3" well with an offer at my age to gain 3" wasn't to be passed by..Yes to borrow a 29er test bike from Beeline Cycles in Oxford, to be precise it was a Whyte 829 which was developed and built in Britain... Horrah..!... Big wheels, wide bars and as it transpires big smiles...After an initial towpath blast and told that was hardly a test I took it to The Ridgeway with all its ups and downs and ruts..early 29er sceptacism was quickly blown away in the wind as it came into its own fast tracking effortless climbing and a slight lift at speed deep ruts were sorted...Bit slow off the mark but as it gets up to speed your away...  .If you want the tech sheets  and the jurno spin etc read the magazines but if you want to spend riding and smiling  try a 29er but this doesn't mean the 26 is dead just give it a try and see for yourself...If it makes an old git happy what will it do for you...?  Cannot wait for the Aston Hills test day Friday 6th April to try some more..

Next to a 1994 GT Karakoram 26"

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