Friday, 11 November 2011

Dave speak Bernardino

Let Dave Zabriskie’s voice be your guide

Dave Zabriskie lent his silky smooth baritone voice to the folks at Garmin, so that you can have Captain America tell you when you need to turn left, right or make a u-turn.

Matty White (below ) and no longer with Garmin cause they sacked him

 has been my voice on long journeys since spring last year, he guided and misguided me through the Alps, France, ( took me through the centre of Paris ) after a section of  Peripherique was closed

so its probably time for a change...and I find myself answering him back when he makes comments like.." have you remembered to put the bikes on the roof...!?"

he also took me over this..St Bernadino Pass  straddling the Swiss -  Italy border..In my motorhome in the middle of the night...

Movember post...

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