Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Zappi, Newbridge and the General

Il capitano della squadra...Flavio....51 and still winning races...

Photos by Ben a club member and Pro Photographer, take a look at his Web site and work..

Hardly a pub lunch Ben.....

A friend (Simon )  has just bought this..The Maybush at Newbridge..

English Civil War, Battle of Newbridge 
1644: The bridge was the scene of a Civil War skirmish on May 27th, 1644, in which Sir William Waller was repulsed, "retiring", says Taunt, "to Abingdon, where he revenged himself by destroying the beautiful market cross".

June the 2nd 1644 Sir William Waller (Parliamentarian) seizes Newbridge near Oxford to control crossings of the River Thames above and below the city. The Tower Hamlets Trained Bands led by Captain Christopher Gore and a captain from the Kentish regiment with a body of commanded musketeers from the two units, seized the Royalist position at Newbridge by crossing the Thames in punts, 
took 30 prisoners and opened the route to Oxford.

Around that time the Witchfinder General was at the height of his power at Newbridge maybe...

Vincent Price on the lookout........

The Band of that name

Witchfinder General...Sabbathish

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