Friday, 9 September 2011

Spoof wheels and band...1941

Following on from HED's Bastogne wheels,the Stalingrad wheels continue the theme of toughness in battle, but in a very different vein. The battlefield here is the mountain descents of the Alps and Dolomites and to help speed you to the bottom, the HED Stalingrad is the world's first cast iron wheel.


A Picasso' is a play based in Paris in 1941 during the German occupation. Pablo Picasso has been brought to a storage vault to authenticate three paintings that have recently been acquired by the Germans. What follows is a look at an artistic genuis is forced to justify his creativity.

Some events in the film by Steven Speilberg were based on real events 


Ade Edmondsons.... The Bad Shepherds

Punks songs sung in a folk stylee

The Young Ones..

Spoof Band

DRiVe-IN, New York, USA

Manhattan’s only drive-in movie theater, and the smallest the world has ever known. Six people can enjoy a classic film from a 1965 Ford Falcon convertible accompanied by an artificial starry sky and a “live” oak tree.

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