Monday, 15 August 2011

lego a Ironside Steve.....


Lego Ironhide


It's a 1940-41 Ford Police wagon replica.
According to "The Legendary Custom Cars and Hot Rods of Gene Winfield" by David Grant. Motorbooks, 2008
The producers rented an old truck for use in the pilot film...the trouble is it was so underpowered it could not easily go up the hills of San Francisco, where the series was set and where they did location filming.
It was decided to have AMT (the model kit firm) Speed and Custom Division, headed by Gene Winfield build a new truck that looked like the old Ford.
So they purchased a new Chevrolet heavy duty chassis cab and made new fiberglass and wood body for it.
It had an electric lift in the rear for Ironside's wheelchair.

and a bit of Mcq

Thomas Crown la lego


Frites   oh yes

Brussels fun..

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