Friday, 6 May 2011

Have a Giro coffee....BELLISSIMO

Brewing Methods

How to brew the perfect cup!
Coffee begins to lose flavor the moment it’s roasted, so use the freshest beans you can. Also, grind the beans yourself because air/oxygen, destroys the oils that give coffee its flavor. Use a burr grinder rather than the blade type, it crushes the bean uniformly, while the blade chops it unevenly.

French Press

  1. Measure out 1 heaping tablespoons or 7 grams of coffee for every 4 oz. of water. Adjust amount according to your personal taste.
  2. Bring the water just before boil (between 195 -200 degrees F). Let it stand for a few seconds if it reaches boil.
  3. Grind the beans on the coarsest setting, kosher sea salt texture. This will allow for a slower more even brew.
  4. Place grounds in the bottom of the clean, French press.
  5. Set timer for 4 minutes, evenly saturating the grounds, and start timer. Leave the lid off for now.
  6. After the coffee has brewed for 1 minute, stir or swirl the coffee to break up the bloom (crust) that has developed on top. This guarantees even and optimal extraction of all the grounds.
  7. Allow coffee to brew for the remainder of the 4 min. for the highest quality coffee. Then slowly press the plunger down.
  8. Pour ALL coffee from the French Press immediately after “pressing” to avoid over-brewing. If you have extra coffee, pour into a thermal container otherwise,  it will continue to brew and taste horrible.
  9. Drink, share and enjoy!

  10. Ta for that...

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