Monday, 4 April 2011

Back from Flanders... Phew what a trip..A good'n


Carolle and Rich cap on tour...

After the Koppenberg it was a beer at the Museum

 Got adopted as a honoury Flandrian by the staff and customers of the Caffe De Witte raaf in Oudenaarde

well fuelled on various different beers nothing under 8%...

Apolline and Johanas writing me flag

The Muur and others the next day...

Cyclists...30,000 of them...!!!!!

 Muur Sanctuary...

en route to the Bosberg

Pasta and bunting..before Saturday night

SUNDAY..Girls race..

Bob and Emma Pooley ..

Girls prep for their Tour of Flanders

Click on the link for Random shots from the Girls

Street Music

Freddy Maertens and I

not many teeth between us......!!!! what a nice guy

The Mens..I need a photo course........

Learning to drive in Flanders ....

Back to the Kberg

George H

Had a word with Ludo earlier on  ex Belgium champ

 Tea and stickies before the off

Another great trip.... 570 mile round trip...

 Belgium Booty.....Oudenaade is trying to have the finish next year..campaign on going..

In Flanders they have two types of cobbles

Koppenberg is not Pavei  its Kassei

Drinking this and others Saturday..11% ..get in..

These 2 guys are trying to get the Flemish Media to put more womens cycling on TV.........

Lets hope they are successful 

No Blog as yet but will post when I know

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