Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hélène Dutrieu...Belgium Cyclist...

Hélène Dutrieu was born on 10 July 1877 in TournaiBelgium, the daughter of a Belgian Army officer. She left school at the age of 14 to earn a living
Dutrieu became a professional track cyclist racing for the Simpson Lever Chain team. In 1895 she gained the women's world record for distance cycled in one hour. In 1897 and 1898 she won the women's speed track cycling world championship inOstendBelgium, and earned the nickname "La Flèche Humaine" ("The Human Arrow"). In August 1898 she won the Grand Prix d’Europe (Grand Prix of Europe) and in November of that year she won the Course de 12 Jours (12-day race) in London,EnglandLeopold II of Belgium awarded Dutrieu the Cross of St André with diamonds in honour of her cycling success. She later began performing in variety shows as a cycling speciality act and in July 1903 she cycled a loop inside a vertical track att he Eldorado in MarseilleFrance. In September 1903 she appeared at Olympia, London. She became a successful stunt cyclist, a motorcycle stunt rider, an automobile racer and stunt driver and a world famous pilot

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