Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pedal faster man- woman.....Faster

Not my cup of tea but to some..........

152 mph

139 mph

105 mph

Human Powered non assisted 

Fastest lady.......

81 mph man

English road Racer 1891

Heroine: Alfonsina Morini
Alfonsina Morini was the only women to ride in the men’s Giro d’Italia in 1924. She competed in races against both men and women, and in 1911 broke the women’s speed record, previously set in 1905. Her record stood for 26 years at 37 kilometers per hour (23 mph) and she did it on a 44 pound single geared bike. The first major race that she competed in was the 1917 Giro di Lombardia, with a course of 204 Kilometers, with 74 entries and 32 finishers, Alfonsina finished 32th on the final GC. In 1938 she won the female speed record at Longchamp, riding 35.28 kph.

Strathclyde Uni thesis and final report if you want to build one.....

Watch out Lofty ..  Bandits 6 o'clock.....

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