Sunday, 30 January 2011

Frank Patterson....English Cycling past..

The pictures  have a clear, common thread. Patterson's scenes are idyllic. The countryside looks fascinating, picturesque and beautiful. Of course the roads are empty - the only vehicle Patterson ever depicts is a baggy, plus-four wearing, cycle tourist, idling through the landscape on a drop-handlebared, hub-geared mount. And where there are other people, they are rustics from central casting - a dairymaid, in a white smock, bearing two pails; a Welsh cockle woman, weighed down by baskets; or a pipe-smoking crone astride a donkey in Donegal.

Frank Patterson, the cycling artist, was of legendary stuff; he served under six of the seven editors of ‘Cycling’ magazine, from the 1880s right up until his death in 1952. Frank Patterson never took himself seriously. He was the countryman type rather than the commercial artist, and his gun provided him with his favourite sport. 

Gives that feeling of hot summers in days gone by ..if your into nostalgia

Man in the Middle

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