Friday, 29 January 2010

I guess crack does a body good.

Apparently the residual effects of his crack addiction have served Chad Gerlach well. As some of you may remember, Chad Gerlach was the subject of the show 'Intervention'. A pro cyclist for the USPS team in years past, Chad decided he liked "The Rock" more than "Rock Racing".
Now Chad is again racing professionally - 
and winning races. So now it's time for him to train hard and be the next american cycling hero. Hamilton's out (doping and illegal anti-depressants), Landis is out (testosterone), Armstrong is getting too what? What America needs is a real comeback story. Just think of how many people down on their luck, passed out in a meth house, would look to Chad's story for motivation. They'd say "Sure - one more rock please. After I come down, I can just jump on my roadbike and train to be like Chad." I can see it now. Go Chad!
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